Friday, January 6, 2012

Quality, Reliability, and versatility.

Japanese cars for me represent many virtues such as quality, reliability, and versatility ( let's be honest, imports will always be more fun to mod ).  Domestic market cars tend be much less reliable, lack quality building materials, and usually can't compare to imports in terms of track performance. There are exceptions, yes, the Zr1 corvette is an amazing car that had a mountain of grip; In general though, Japanese vehicles maintain superiority in the market. This however is of course subject to change, and with the new line up vehicles this year only time will truly tell if American cars have improved their quality.


  1. American power will always win. But I digress.

    Nice post.

  2. I definitely like foreign cars more.

  3. I personally drive a 2001 buick century that hasn't done me wrong. I wish I could have a nice foreign car though, a honda to last me the next 10 years maybe =D