Monday, September 10, 2012


I just got a 2012 Infiniti G37 sedan as my daily driver and I can't begin to explain how amazing this car is. I have driven every German equivalent of this car and none of them deliver like the g37. The exhaust note on Infiniti's is amazing and with a simple muffler delete they sound awesome. I'm holding up on doing any mods as I may just make this my daily driver and pick up an Evo and heavily modify it. The G37 sedan is gorgeous both inside and out, they really outdid themselves over at Infiniti with this car. The acceleration is powerful enough to coax a smile out of almost any passengers face, and while its obviously not a super car, it's pretty quick. I recommend this car over the 3-series BMW and I was in the market for it originally until I test drove the G37. Sports Package or not, this car is badass anywhere you take, very fun on the winding roads (corners amazingly).

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